February 3

iPad apps

Our list of class apps will continue to grow over the year and can be removed at completion of a unit.

Apps may not be used for the entire year. If you have an App which could add to our learning throughout a unit.

Term One



Solar boats


Term One – two




January 31

Welcome to 6B 2017

Hi All,

Welcome to year 6 2017 over the first few days we’ll be working on the Positive Start program. Where we’ll be setting our class rules and expectations for 2017.


Keep an eye on this post and we work through our positive start program for 2017.

August 5

Mega 3D shapes

Today you have the challenge of creating mega 3D shapes. Though out your challenge you need to present a blog post with:

Time lapse video of the construction of your shape
A blurb about your shape including faces, angles, vertices
A break down of the name “what does it mean”
What challenges did you face during construction including the limited instructions you were given.

August 2

A Migrant Community

A Migrant community.

Using digital resources present the information using a variety of text, pictures, audio and video. You must be able to present your inquiry using the class TV. You may use any presentation app eg prezi, explain everything, thing link, PowerPoint, pages, blog etc.

This presentation will be a reflection of your culture’s impact on Australia.

Whilst researching remember to:

  • Use menus, links and search bars within a website
  • Create your own list of key words and search terms
  • Synthesise your information
  • Take notes, record where you found the information
  • Consider the appropriateness of your sources (images, video, audio)
  • Read the blurb on search engines rather than using the first hit
  • Use multiple resources to validate facts and to check they’re current


We have included some links to help with your inquiry. Use the bold headings to guide your inquiry.

https://museumvictoria.com.au/origins/history.aspx?pid=216&cat=none&cid=0 – cultural group information






Significant People






Cultural Group

History of their culture (blurb)

Map – region, continent, climate, population, government, who discovered/settled the country


Why they moved to Australia (push – pull factors)

–          Why did they leave?

–          When and how did they get to Australia?

–          Why did they choose Australia?


Challenges when they arrived in Australia


you need to ensure you’re drawing upon your “Text to World” skills using the picture story books and novels teachers have been reading, BTN clips to answer the question.


Learning intention

We are learning to use evidence to draw conclusions about the challenges faced by migrants.

Success Criteria

I can demonstrate my knowledge from a variety of sources using a digital presentation app.

Learning Intention: We are learning how to access the features of a website.

Success Criteria: I can find relevant information within a website.

Where did they settle?

View the website below what do you think would be the pros and cons of cultures settling together?



(Include a Map / images/ streetscape to show your findings)


Influences on Australia

(positive, negative) What mark have these cultures on everyday Australian life. You are to choose one influence to share as a hands on activity.

–          Food

–          Art

–          Music

–          Architecture

–          Clothing / jewellery

–          Religion

–          Sport

–          Language

–          Hobbies

–          Family

–          Celebrations / traditions


If your cultural group is under represented in one of these areas consider it for your cultural object.


Learning Intention

We are sharing our personal experiences of multiculturalism to further develop our class knowledge.


Success Criteria

I can assist in the creation of a class resource that records the impact of a culture on everyday life

Significant individuals

Brief biography of an individual who has had an impact on Australia.

What is their country of origin?

Name, date of birth

What’s been their impact?



Catherine Applegate – Use the sub headings in this wiki page as a model for your biography https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K._A._Applegate



Keep a record of all the websites, books, people etc that you have used to research your project.

You must include URL, date, author,

Google/ google Images is not a website


Cultural Object – Design, Construct and Evaluate

From one of the influences above design and construct a 20cm x 20cm model to be placed in the township of New Gisborne so your culture feels included. Models can include statue,

Buildings (shop, church), parks and gardens, murals, art installations.


Within your presentation include

·         The name of your 3D object

·         Why is the object significant to your culture?

·         Why did you choose this object over everything else in your culture?

·         Photos of the design, real image and construction side by side as a comparison


Present the answer to these questions as a part of your presentation.

·         What issue did you have when designing and constructing? (group work, measuring, scale drawing, materials)

·         Did you stick you to your plan? How do you know?

·         What are the final measurements of your 3D model? Did you measure whilst you were building?

·         Did you use materials not on your list? Why/why not?

·         If you were to do the project again what would you do differently? Why?



Learning Intention

We are learning to use the technology process of design, construct and evaluate.


Success Criteria

I can choose appropriate recyclable materials to design construct and evaluate a 3D model.


Celebration (12th – 15th September)

All tasks must be completed by Friday 9th September


Your group is to present

·         A digital reflection of your inquiry (10mins)

·         Cultural object (5mins) – design, construct and evaluate presentation

·         Cultural influence hands on activity (10mins) – the task must include the entire grade and must be specific to your culture eg tying a turban, food (recipe), dance, song, art or hobby.


Learning Intention

We are learning to present our understanding of the impact of another culture on Australia in order to broaden our knowledge of multiculturalism.


Success criteria

I can adhere to the guidelines and provide feedback to my peers on their presentation.


I can demonstrate excellent speaking and listening skills through my and other students presentations.


August 1

What if?

What if we didn’t live in Australia and the country we lived in was unstable with the uncertainty of war, crime, politics or even impending disaster.

Where would you go? How would you get there? What changes would you have to make? would you be prepared to leave all of your possessions behind for freedom?

these are the questions faced by many people around the world every day.

Using BTN as your starting point share with the class a summary of a news story and what the push or pull factors on immigration in Australia are.


July 25

26th July

Hi 6B,

I’m away today. Whilst split over the school as the year fives are away on an excursion, can you complete the following tasks.

9:00 – art

10:00 – pe

11:30 – independent reading, focussing on your reading goals. Share via a comment your wonderings and thoughts.

12:00 – suitcase reflection – visiting other 6b blogs, reflect on their choice of 5 items and reasons.

After reading other posts would you change your 5 item? Why/why not?

12:30 – independent maths – following on from yesterday’s session continue working on your goal. Ensure you are collecting evidence of your learning. Post your goal and evidence by 1:30

2:20 – inquiry

completion of customs posters

if you complete your poster please download my life as a refugee game to see the struggles faced by refugees daily. Post a reflection of the game on your blog with screenshots.