May 18

Kathryn Apel

Today we worked with author Kathryn Apel.

What did you learn from Kathryn’s presentation today that you could/ would use in your own creative writing?

Do you have favourite poem? Why do you enjoy this poem?

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2 thoughts on “Kathryn Apel

  1. raybell (Post author)

    I’ve a favourite poem by Spike Miligan

    whose that climbing my back said the wall
    it’s me said the caterpillar I’m learning to crawl

    I like personification in writing and this intrigues my imagination I wonder what a wall would say or a ball ” ouch, ouch, ouch” as you bounce it.

  2. raybell (Post author)

    Can you guess who i wrote this about?

    you fall to the ground
    hit your head on the floor
    screams fill the air where they weren’t before
    you get a cuddle a kiss
    or bandage and fixed
    you’ve picked yourself up and you’ve moved on
    to those around you’ve proved that you’re strong
    your journey’ll continue over mountain and plains
    stand tall little buddy until we do this again


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