May 16

17 May 2017

Hi 6B,

so here the plan for today

9.00 – record yourself reading your picture story book to add to your blog post during independent reading.

9.30 – soundwaves – this week we’re working on unit 12 – use the online games and tools to practise your spelling words

10.00 – writing – you have several blog posts to complete, the night they stormed eureka, sovereign hill reflection and picture story book. you already have a photo of the tasks on your ipads.

11.30 – independent maths – either continue on your independent maths task your working on, maths online multiplication or essential tasks. you can work on one or vary your time between the programs.

12.30 – australian democracy timeline – continue collecting facts for your timeline, don’t forget to collect a page of images to be printed.

2.20 – 5/6 sport

if you complete all the tasks above use your time to create a video on imovie or similar app of your time at sovereign hill which can be shared on your blog or with the class.


Have a great day.

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