March 8

Light it up

Today you started your journey on the road to completing a solar powered boat. Post a comment below to share your experiences.

Whilst creating circuits today,

  • what successes did you have?
  • What failed/ why?
  • What did you learn today about making a circuit?
  • What wonderings do you have after today’s session?

Find an app or website to share with the class to improve our circuit building/ testing skills.

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20 thoughts on “Light it up

  1. blakengps

    Hi Mr Bell
    Our group got the light The light up.
    The strawberry did not work.
    Sometimes it does not work.
    Does the playground work to light up the light

  2. mollymoo

    Today in my group we succeeded about 2 of them.
    We failed quite a few because I don’t think we were holding the properly or putting them in the right spot. I learnt that a circuit has to go round in a circle and be connected to the battery at both ends.
    The wonderings I have after today’s and yesterday’s session is how does the light bulb light up when your just holding the objects?
    From Molly!!

  3. sophiengps

    Hi Mr Bell,
    I had success today with getting the light to light up using different materials. But I failed with the switch for most of the time because I didn’t know how to put it on.
    Today I learnt that you have to have two wires connected to the light otherwise it won’t have electricity flow to it for it to light up.
    My wondering is: how many batteries can you use before the light won’t work anymore?
    From Sophie

  4. benngps

    Hi Mr Bell
    Me (Ben) Alby, Fintan and Cameron had lots of success here’s a few
    1. The normal closed circuit.
    2. The one wired circuit
    Although we did fail none the less
    1. Triple battery (globe burst!)
    I still have some questions like
    How long would it take for the battery to go flat?
    From Ben

  5. laurenngps

    Dear Mr Bell,
    The success I had was that I could do some longer circuits. What failed I didn’t complete all the seats and that plastic dose not contract. That aluminum foil contracts electricity and lots more. Could you make the same ones we were doing work underwater. I am very excited about solour boats and wireing up more circuits.
    From Lauren

  6. foxy

    1. I finish all the sheets we had to do and helped my friends.
    2. I tried to do one sheet then my friends do the other two but we ran out of materials
    3. It needs a source of energy and the circuit needs to form some sort of circle
    4. I wonder if we would be building a functional car.

  7. Anonymous

    Hi Mr Bell,
    The light it up was a success. I understood what wires connected to that battery. I was able to use a sharpener and the playground as a metal conductor. Over all it was really good.
    From Fintan

  8. Lachlan

    Hi Mr Bell
    I successfully made a circuit
    I failed at the wiring but Henry helped me
    I learned that circuits can have multiple loops and still work if one goes down
    I wonder why your finger needs to face a certain way for it to work

  9. joshuangps

    For the past 2 days We have been doing things on electrical work to make a solar boat that will have a propalar and solar panels on it. We have to include wiring to make the electricity flow freely. And we have learn how electricity works and how to wire it so fun so far.
    From josh

  10. ilfab

    Hey Mr Bell,
    I successfully got a light bulb working. I failed on working the switch because I kept on getting the battery hoooked up wrong. I learnt how to wire a light bulb and a battery. I wonder if the you can make electricity with a banana.
    From Max.

  11. Anonymous

    Dear Mr Bell,

    I had some success with the light it up the things I found out that wood does not work and foil does work.

    From Henry

  12. Tess

    Hi Mr B

    I had success with my circuits and getting the light blob to work because our group worked together.

    From Tess.

  13. Anonymous

    Hi mr bell
    My group was me (Alby)Ben ,fiantan the success my group had was that we connected the red and black wire to the Light bulb then the red wire to the play ground with the battery and the black to the play ground. That energy dose not go through wood

  14. Ruby

    Hey mr b!!
    Nora and I had a bit of success when we made circuits! We knew that rubber was a insulater and we knew what conductors were, that’s why we get electrocuted when we touch it! It was really cool learning how we could make the light bulb brighter with more than one battery.
    From Ruby

  15. Caitlin

    Hi Mr Bell,

    My group was successful with most of the circuits like holding one side of the battery onto the light bulb. The aluminium foil, did not work, and using two batteries did not work either.

    From Caitlin

  16. Grace

    Hi Mr Bell,

    We made the globe light up with one and two wires. A globe, a battery and a globe holder.

    The things that didn’t work were using two batteries.

    From Grace.

  17. ellaangps

    Hi mr bell
    Our group made the light turn on using to battery’s which made it brighter
    I can’t remember which one it was but one of the circets set the wire on fire
    Paper doesn’t burn using electricity
    If the object is thick does that mean electricity doesn’t run through it
    From Ella

  18. siennangps

    Hi Mr Bell,

    My group was successful in most thing like making a circuit .
    My group failed at wiring the circuits.
    I wonder if the playground with make the light glow.

  19. Anonymous

    Hi mr bell,

    We successfully made a circuit
    We failed the first time but then we got help from Scott Alex and Jamie
    What didn’t work was the aluminium foil and the two batteries.


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