February 26

Grip Leadership Conference

Today 22 of our school leaders comprising of our school leaders, house captains and yr6 Junior School Council Reps attended the GRIP Leadership conference along with 2500 other primary schools.

Whilst we worked through individual and group task with students from other schools we learnt

•Leaders are helped by knowing their strengths and weaknesses
•The four expectations of responsibility: Role modelling values, upholding the trust of others, responding to needs and devolving own strengths
•plan idea is and how you going to put that into action before saying



Most students went with an attitude that “this will be boring” however were surprised to find that most of the day was out of your seat talking to other schools or making “loud noises” with the loud noise boys.



Leadership is Like a Drop in the Ocean

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Based off instagram graphic post: “Leadership is like a drop in the ocean… It may be small but it’s ripple effect goes long and far.”

The ocean is a huge body of water and I’m sure, at times, it feels like your school is made up of a huge body of people. Sometimes as leaders, we feel small or insignificant, and as a result we can become easily disheartened and unmotivated.

BUT, don’t underestimate your effect. If you’ve ever seen a pebble thrown into the ocean, you’ll know that the ripples it creates go on and on and on! Believe it or not, the same impact can be seen in your school and community! You don’t have to be ‘popular’, good at public speaking or even in a specific position.

Here’s 5 ways we think you can create a long-lasting effect:

1) Be PREPARED… To do the jobs that no one else wants to do… Even if you never receive recognition, be ready to serve others.

2) Be PRESENT… Prove to the people around you that you are there and available for support.

3) Be PROACTIVE. Don’t wait for opportunities to land in your lap, look for ways to create them.

4) Be PURPOSEFUL… Set clear goals to ensure that your events and relationships have meaning.

5) Be PERSEVERANT… Things won’t always go according to plan… Make sure you always keep trying, even if everyone else gives up.

If you have a question for our leaders about the conference, leave it in the comments below.

If you’d like to read more about GRIP and the leadership conferences and resources follow the link.

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